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Welcome to Frodsham Pictures.

This a collection of photographs and history of the buildings and surroundings of the market town of Frodsham in the West of Cheshire, UK.

    • Frodsham

      Frodsham is a market town of historic buildings, beautiful parklands, canals and pubs with a strong sense of community.
      The town lies within the country of Cheshire, England UK. Its population is over 10,000 and it is located approximately 3 miles south of Runcorn or 16 miles south of Liverpool.

      wide letterbox image of St Laurence's Church

    •   River Weaver

      River Weaver

      The River Weaver runs to its northeast and on the west it overlooks the estuary of the River Mersey.

      The A56 road and the Chester–Manchester railway line pass through the town, and the M56 motorway passes to the northwest.

      Frodsham's population was counted at 9,077 at the 2011 census. The town is approximately 3 miles (5km) south of Runcorn and 16 miles (26 km) south of Liverpool.

    •   'Frod' and 'Ham'

      Main street

      Frodsham is derived from the old words:

      Frod = an old spelling of Ford; and
      Ham = Village on the Ford (Ford-ham).

      Though a more obscure etymology exists which suggests the name means "promontory into marsh".

      This probably makes sense considering that Frodsham had a promontory castle very close to marshland, though it was more of a fortified Manor or gaol than an actual castle.

    •  Borough since 1209

      Castle Park

      In medieval times Frodsham was an important borough and port.

      It was awarded its borough charter in 1209 (an honoury distinction) by Earl Ranulf de Bluneville, 6th Earl of Chester in 1209.

      The town celebrated its 800 year birthday in 2009.

      Frodsham village was granted 'town' status in 1993 by the town council.

    Ordanance Survey map 1900

    • Panoramic

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    • Now and then

      Reveal how Frodsham used to look.

      A tiny planet photo of Castle Park gardens

    • 3D Sound

      Binaural recordings of Frodsham.

      Dummy Microphone head

    • Gigapixel image

      wide letterbox image of St Laurence's Church

  • What's the weather like in Frodsham?

    A lot of Welsh cloud from North Wales is imported into Frodsham giving the rain a fresh, mountain dew taste which is then carefully mixed with sulpher dioxide from the Stanlow Oil refinery before being gently released across the town.

  • What can you do in Frodsham?


  •  Castle Park
  •  Lady Heyes
  •  Frodsham Watersports
  •  Hover Force
  •  Hill view Llamas
  •  Hob Hey Wood
  •  The Sandstone Trail
  •  Overton Hill

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    There are a lot of historic buildings in Frodsham. The full Frodsham panel appears on tourists boards throughout the town.

  • How do you get to Frodsham?

    This way

    Frodsham town panel