Overton (Frodsham) Hill

Clear landmark on the Cheshire plain.

Overton hill and the World War I Memorial

Standing some 443ft above sea-level is Overton Hill.

In the early 1920's several local landowners gave adjoining plots of land to Parish Council to be held in trust for the site of the memorial erected in memory of the men of Frodsham who gave the lives in the war. A further condition was that there should be an open space for the use and enjoyment of the people of Frodsham for ever.

The war memorial was erected in 1921 and commemorates the sacrifices made by the people of Frodsham in two world wars. It stands at the top of the hill is visible from almost everywhere in the town and many residents still fondly remember the helter-skelter that was demolished in 1977.

The memorial was completed in 2020 and involved cleaning and repointing of the existing obelisk and base including repairs; taking up and relaying existing pavings and steps on the new bases; new fixings to the bottom of the stays to the existing metal railings and gate complete with decoration. Names which were missing from the original monument were included and a display lectern is sited by the World War I Working Group.

Frodsham Town Council are grateful for the grant that was provided by The War Memorial Trust for facilitating the restoration.