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How to get here

Getting to Frodsham

Frodsham is off Junction 11 of the M56 motorway. It can also be reached by Train (Transport for Wales) running along the coast through Chester, then Helsby and Frodsham. The X30 Bus from Chester also stops at Frodsham Main street.

Parking in Frodsham

  •   Car Park fees apply

    Parking in Frodsham, used to be free under the now defunct Vale Royals Borough Council. However, since the Frodsham Borough is now under the management of Cheshire West and Chester, charges have been applied to all car parks with the exception of Castle Park (8am-6pm) and Eddisbury Square (up to 2 hrs).

    The railway station is the largest car park past Frodsham recycling. You need to drive down a single lane to the far end of the car park to enter. They swapped the entrance and exits around to presumably avoid a queue of cars waiting to enter the car park from blocking access to the recycling centre at peak times.

    WARNING: Car Parking Fines are in operation at Frodsham - using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
    •  Castle Park

      Free Car Park 8-5pm.

      Gates Locked

      For Castle Park use only.
    •   Eddisbury Square

      Free for 2hrs Max after which penalty: £100
      Extend hours via RingGo:
      > Additional hour 50p
      > Additional 2 hours - £1.00
      > Additional 3 hours - £1.50
    •   Moor Lane Car Park

      Long-stay car park. 37 spaces
      > 1 hour - £20p
      > 2-4 hours = 50p
      > 4-6 hours = £1.00
      > Over 6 hours = £1.50
    •   On Main Street

      Free but with short stay restrictions.
      Exemptions for residents

      Parking on both sides of street.
      Very busy during weekdays.
    •   Greenfield Lane

      Long-stay car park.
      > 3 hours = £1.00
      > 1 Day = £5.00

      6am-6pm is 1 day
    •   Railway Station

      Long-stay car park. 86 spaces
      > 1 hour - £20p
      > 2-4 hours = 50p
      > 4-6 hours = £1.00
      > Over 6 hours = £1.50
    •   Morrison's Car Park

      90 Minutes Max
      For Morrison's Use Only

      Number plate recognition.
      Penalty: £85.00